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10 Reasons to Attend State Fair

1. Witness the champion of champions

This is where the best of the best come to show and show off some serious talent! You may be a part of that crowd or be lucky enough to watch it happen.

2. Experience dorm life

Why not get a little jump start on what it might be like in college?? Living in the dorms is a great way to meet people from around the state and experience something totally different.

3. Shopping!

Grab your friends and stroll around the fairgrounds to find the best deals on everything you love!Boots, ropes, hats, jewelry, gifts, clothes, you name it, it’ll be there!

4. Make livestock and FFA connections

Livestock owners and members just like you are waiting around every corner on the fairgrounds. Just one conversation can connect you to unbelievable opportunities and connections all around the country.

5. Get to know Wyoming’s Ag Teachers

We all love our FFA advisors and Ag teachers. State fair is the best time to find them getting

ready for the golf tournament, walking around the fairgrounds, and just being silly.

6. Ferris wheel and funnel cakes

Just like any good fair, this one is packed full of exhilarating rides and mouth watering foods.Take a night after showing or checking out the vendors and jump on a couple adrenaline

pumpers! Don't forget that warm, powdery, sweet treat before you go back to the dorms.

7. Make some Midway memories!

Down the midway members are sure to find frozen treats, new gadgets and gizmos, music, and trinkets never seen before. Just one walk down the midway will keep you entertained.

8. State Officers and FFA building shenanigans

Summers at State Fair are sure to be hot! No worries, though, because there’s a special place on the grounds you can go to relax and cool down. In the FFA building, you can browse silent

auction items, members’ amazing projects, and can almost always find a state officer or Ag teacher to talk to. Not to mention, someone always has a deck of cards and is ready to play a

competitive game!

9. State-wide member dance

Show off your dance moves with new friends at this one of a kind dance! Just for exhibitors, this dance is a great way to have some fun and make lasting memories.

10. Learn about Wyoming’s agriculture, FFA, and opportunities

Experts and professionals from all over the state have gathered to put together a plethora of information ranging from colleges to businesses to research. They are all there to help you!

State Fair is the time to ask these people questions, build connections and open up opportunities.

Chaney Peterson is a member of last year's State Officer team and is currently studying Ag Communications at Casper College.

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