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We believe in the FFA and its members

Created in 1958, the Wyoming FFA Foundation was formed by FFA supporters with a mutual goal of maximizing opportunities for the state’s members. It began as a small effort and has grown step-for- step with the opportunities available to the state’s FFA members.I’d like to take a minute and share with you the top five things the Wyoming FFA Foundation does for the state’s FFA members.

1. JACKETS….We believe every Wyoming FFA member should have the opportunity to own an FFA jacket embroidered with his or her name. If you personally lack the funds, you can ask a Wyoming FFA Advisor to aid you in applying for funds via the Wyoming FFA Foundation website.

2. GRANTS…In recent years the Wyoming FFA Foundation launched a program called “Learning by Doing.” The goal was simply to ensure that the learning opportunities available in Wyoming Agricultural Education classrooms aren’t limited by school budgets. We’ve helped purchase science equipment, welders, a car lift, GPS units,microscopes, a miter saw and the list goes on. We want students to have the opportunity to master as many skills as possible while still in high school.

3. FFA CONVENTION…Each April the Wyoming FFA Association hosts Wyoming’s largest youth convention. We’re there in a support role – securing sponsorships,organizing the career fair, handing out college scholarships and doing all that we can to help ensure the event is a huge success.

4. FFA TIMES…We find many reasons to celebrate Wyoming FFA and its many success stories. You’ll find those stories within the pages of the Wyoming FFA Times,published four times each year.

5. STATE OFFICERS….From travel funds to college scholarships, we’re doing more today than ever before to support your program’s state officer team. We believe wholeheartedly in this group of young leaders and their ability to make a positive impact in each corner of the Cowboy State.

I could keep going, but I think the above list is a nice starting point. In a nutshell, we’re here to bring an ever-growing number of opportunities to FFA members who are willing to put

in the time and the effort.

Jennifer Womack is a past member of Wyoming FFA, the mother of a current FFA member and the Executive Director of the Wyoming FFA Foundation.

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