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The greatest opportunity FFA gave me.

What is one of the greatest opportunities that FFA provides to students? It provides the ability to meet people from all different backgrounds that you can make a connection with and spark a lifelong relationship. Maybe these meetings happen in your school, or maybe at FFA Leadership Camp. Maybe it happens at State FFA Convention, or at National FFA Convention. No matter where you are, or what event you are attending, you get to meet some pretty amazing people along the way. Some of these connections are people that you are going to be interacting with for the rest of your life. Whether they are your boss, coworkers, best friends, or FFAmily, they are relationships that you will always be able to rely on. I am a firm believer that FFA builds relationships just as much as it builds personal growth, premier leadership, and career success. FFA is building your future.

Kyle is a past FFA State Officer and continually volunteers in Wyoming FFA. He is currently a student at the University of Wyoming.

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